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Community Over Competition

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May 25, 2021

The concept of community over competition is not one that you see highlighted very often among small businesses within the same industry. I truly believe that rather than competing tirelessly with other business owners, we should be celebrating community and uniqueness within the industry!

Community is one of the most important facets of life. I believe that God created us for relationships and that’s how we survive as human beings. I think building relationships should spill into every aspect of your life – not just with family and friends, but with other business owners as well! It’s important to invest in relationships with other people who do the same things that you do and being able to invest in their businesses and help them thrive, rather than competing to see who can do the best work and who can get the most clients.

I have a desire to see other photographers grow and thrive, as all of us are in business to support and survive! It’s so great to be in a relationship with other business owners and photographers to push each other towards excellence. This is a fabulous aspect of business relationships where we can give each other advice and encouragement in order to see each other succeed.

When I was thinking about this community over competition aspect, it was hard to decide which photographers to include in this post because there are a lot of local photographers that I really respect in our area! So I decided to share with you a few photographers that I have actually worked with or have had photograph me and my family. I really love each of these women and am inspired by the businesses that they have grown!

Megan of Megan Marie Photography

As you can see, Megan has been a huge part of our world! Megan is a family friend and her husband was in our wedding and she actually photographed our wedding! We have also had Megan photograph our first daughter and she also did a family portrait session with my husband’s extended family, as well as several portrait sessions with just our immediate family over the years. Megan is such a sweet soul and she taught me a lot in the beginning of the process of becoming a photographer and gave me a lot of the courage to start my own business! She was so helpful with all of her tips and pointers as a business owner and photographer. Megan creates beautiful work and I love all of the images she has taken of our family!

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, and Family Sessions by Megan Marie Photography

Megan Marie Photography does a little bit of everything! Weddings, family portrait sessions, newborn sessions, and more.

Carrie of Carrie Kizuka Photography

I am OBSESSED with Carrie’s work! Carrie does BEAUTIFUL, stunning work and captures emotion fabulously. She has beautiful images of people in love, but also does incredible work with sports images (her daughters are all snowboarders). Carrie has such a fun and energetic personality. I’m really excited to be working with her for an upcoming wedding where she will be 2nd shooting for me. We have also had Carrie come and do a Fresh 48 session for us when we welcomed our Addy into the family. She did a fabulous job capturing those first moments as a family of four. They are images that I wouldn’t have even thought of capturing, which are so precious to us now!

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Fresh 48 session by Carrie Kizuka Photography

Carrie Kizuka Photography also does a little bit of everything and has an amazing studio in Berks County.

Debbie of Cross Photography

Debbie has taken lots of different pictures for my family and we have exchanged photo sessions many times! I have photographed her and her husband and she has photographed my family. We have even had several sessions where we have photographed all of our daughters together, and now we both have two sons! We have been dear friends for several years now and have enjoyed photographing together. Debbie creates beautiful work and is a fabulous wedding photographer and second-shoots for me on a regular basis. She has a beautiful eye for detail and light.

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Family portrait session by Cross Photography

Cross Photography specializes in weddings, senior portrait sessions and family sessions.

Tracey of Soul Focus Media

I met Tracey from Soul Focus Media 2.5 years ago when she was looking for associate shooters for her business. We met up at a local Target Starbucks and found out that we have a lot in common. The most important thing that we share was that we both love Jesus! Tracey hired me to work for her and we are in the midst of shooting our 3rd season together. With such a beautiful soul, she is super fun to work with, and she creates really beautiful images. She and her husband capture weddings together – Tracey is a photographer and her husband is a videographer. She also does senior portraits and has an amazingly gorgeous way of editing her images to bring out stunning colors.

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Portrait session by Soul Focus Media

Soul Focus Media specializes in wedding photography (and her husband does videography!) and also does senior portrait sessions.

Corrie of Corrina Ann Photography

I met Corrie several years ago when she was second shooting for me. It has been super fun to watch her business grow and blossom! Corrie is one of those photographers who is just BRILLIANT at capturing emotion as well! She is able to capture the fun and the joy within a family as she does portrait sessions. I always get so excited to see what she is posting on social media from her sessions! Corrie came and captured images of our son when he came home from the hospital. Originally we were supposed to have a session right after he was born, but had to change our plans when he had to stay at the hospital longer. Corrie was so flexible with our family and made time to capture our family together once we were all home. I’m obsessed with these images!

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Newborn lifestyle session by Corrina Ann Photography

Corrina Ann Photography offers wedding photography and wedding films, family portrait sessions, and lifestyle sessions.

Kelsey of Kelsey Renee Photography

I worked for Kelsey a few years ago as a second-shooter and it was an amazing experience! I learned SO much from her in those few short hours working alongside of her. I have really loved watching her business grow and expand over the years! Kelsey creates BEAUTIFUL wedding images and is now doing branding for small business owners. I just recently had a branding session with Kelsey and she was absolutely BRILLIANT! She was so easy to work with and she planned our session out to the minute! She made me feel so unbelievably confident, which is something that I struggle with. I literally love ALL of my images! If you are a small business owner and need branding images, Kelsey is your girl!

Community over Competition - Kate Martin Photography | Personal branding session by Kelsey Renee Photography

Kelsey Renee Photography specializes in wedding photography and personal branding sessions.

I really want to continue to celebrate community over competition and would love to hear some of your favorite photographers in South Central PA! Leave a comment below to celebrate one of your favorite local photographers!


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