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Top 4 Reasons to Have a Maternity Session

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April 13, 2021

I’ve heard this question over and over in my field of work – why should I even have a maternity session? Perhaps you’ve asked that same question before – or you are asking yourself that right now. While there can be a lot of different personal reasons for deciding that you want to have a maternity session, I want to share with you my Top 4 Reasons for Having a Maternity Session!

Top 4 Reasons to Have a Maternity Session

1. Celebrate the journey of bringing a life into the world.

It might not always feel this way – but you are a true wonder woman. You are carrying a new little life and that is worth celebrating! Everyone’s journey through pregnancy will be different and unique, but each pregnancy is special and should be captured as a special keepsake. A maternity session is an opportunity to capture the true joy of pregnancy (even if you don’t feel that joy every day or in the hard moments!). Whether this is your first baby or your third, every pregnancy is different and unique and it’s important that you are able to remember each one in a special way!

2. A day to spoil yourself and get pampered.

I know that on most days of your pregnancy it can be really hard to feel beautiful. Most days you feel tired, worn down, and larger than normal. So you might not always feel that “glow” that most other people actually see in you! Looking forward to a maternity session can bring you more life and “normalcy” than you might expect! You’ll be surprised how beautiful you feel when you get all glammed up for a maternity session and you will look stunning. I believe this is so important and such a high value, that I even provide gorgeous gowns for my clients to borrow and wear for their maternity sessions.

3. Capture the love between you and your significant other.

While it’s true that a maternity session is mostly about you and your journey carrying this child, your significant other should consider this maternity session to be about them, too! They are just as important in the journey of this little life that you are carrying and they should be ready to jump into some of the photos with you. Your maternity session is a great opportunity to snap a few photos of both you and your significant other (or even your kiddos, if this is not your first pregnancy!) and create some beautiful memories together.

4. It’s a great memory to someday share with your child.

Everything is about to change. Whether it’s your first baby, or you are adding children to your family, the dynamic will change. This is your last memory before that big change happens. Allow this experience with your maternity session to say something about who you are and create some beautiful images that you can use to help tell the story of your pregnancy journey or share memories about your family before this new little life brings even more joy to your family.

No matter what your main reasoning is, there is no wrong reason to have a maternity session! These sessions are one of my absolute favorite sessions with my clients and I love the chance to make mamas feel beautiful and show off their baby bump! If you are interested in learning more about my maternity sessions, you can find my session details and galleries here:


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