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Matt + Carlie, My nephew is getting married!


June 12, 2024

My nephew is getting married!! Wait, say that again, is it possible that I have a nephew old enough to be getting married? I met Matt Thanksgiving of 2013 when he was 9 years old, and I had begun dating his uncle. It has been such a joy and an honor to watch Matt grow into a wonderful young man and to see him fall in love with a sweet and beautiful girl!

Matt and Carlie met at Cocalico Middle School, and they began dating 3 years ago after Matt got his drivers license. They had their first date at Fox Meadow Creamery and enjoyed just getting to chat with each other and know each other more. It was this past Memorial Day weekend on a beautiful day in the mountains while out on a hike, that Matt got down on one knee and asked Carlie to marry him. Matt loves that Carlie is patient, has the best laugh and most beautiful smile. Carlie loves how much fun Matt is to be around, how sweet he is and how he is always keeping her laughing.

The two are planning a summer 2025 wedding, and I am so excited to see them say ‘I do’, I am so honored to be able to be on the sidelines as they embark on this new journey in life together!

Enjoy a little peak into their Overlook Park Engagement Session!

Overlook Park Engagment
Overlook Park Engagment
Young Couple Love
Overlook Park Engagment
Overlook Park Engagment
Overlook Park Engagment
Engagement Ring
Overlook Park Engagment
Overlook Park Engagment

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