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The Martin Family Summer was quite amazing! I can’t believe that it went by so very fast. I feel as though the older I get and the more children that I have, the faster life flies by! Enjoy a little sneak into the fun that we had. See more of our Colorado Vacation HERE Learn […]

A Martin Family Summer

September 24, 2021


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We rest, knowing that God is carrying us through this journey toward healing.

An Unexpected Journey ~ Part 6 – A Journey Towards Healing

March 31, 2021


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You know, it’s never a good time for a medical emergency. But God orchestrated the timing. The next day, a Saturday, I’m scheduled to photograph a wedding. The event is 15 minutes away from my mom’s home in Ambler. The girls and I headed to to down Friday afternoon to await the call that Addy’s […]

An Unexpected Journey ~ Part 2 – Some Answers

February 25, 2021


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In the midst of it, I struggled to keep balance. What is going on? My mommy-intuition kept saying, something is wrong with my baby.

An Unexpected Journey ~ Part 1 – and so it Begins

February 21, 2021


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