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Baby Claire – A Little Miracle!


June 2, 2021

Baby Claire is a little miracle, and I am so excited to share her story.

Two years ago I met the Lapp family just after the birth of the 2nd baby boy, Isaac. I had the privaledge of capturing his newborn photos, an absolutely amazing session. Since then, it has been a blessing to be able to continue to freeze the memories for this family.

The Lapp family have a remarkable story. Shannon had a liver transplant when she was just 7 months old. Doctors told her that because of that it would be difficult or maybe even impossible to get pregnant. Shannon had adoption on her heart for months, and she blurted her desires out to Jesse on Christmas morning 2017. He was 110% on board and so they embarked on the journey. It was then May of 2018 when the call came that they had been matched. They were so excited to welcome their son Luke into their home that August.

Baby Luke

Just before he was born, life took an unexpected turn. Shannon ended up in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC with Acute Liver Rejection. Thankfully doctors where able to control it with IV steriods, and she was able to head home. It was just 48 hours later that the phone call came announcing that baby Luke was on the way. Jesse and Shannon hopped in the car, raced 4 hours away and were able to make it in time for his birth. They were even blessed with being able to be in the room when he was born. The new parents headed home with their newborn baby boy and enjoyed 2 precious weeks together.

Then, it got really scary. Shannons numbers had continued to drop, indicating that she was still in liver rejection. She was readmitted to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and having to leave her newborn baby boy at home with her family was utterly devistating. To add to it all, Shannon contracted menangitis while in the hospital. She was sitting at deaths door, so much so that she began to say her goodbyes. BUT GOD had other plans for her and she survived.

Baby Isaac

When baby Luke was just 6 months old, Jesse and Shannon where surprised and thrilled to learn that they were pregnant! At 28 weeks, Shannon developed choleostasis, a liver condition in which there is a slowing of the flow of bile. Her numbers were almost 9 times what would be considered concerning. At 35 weeks, baby Isaac was born via an emergancy C-section, entering this world healthy and adorable.

Baby Claire

Fast forward to 2020, the year of CRAZY for everyone. The Lapp family where so thrilled to find out that they would be welcoming a baby GIRL. At just 14 weeks along, Shannon learned that she again had developed choleostasis. Her numbers reached a record high, a height that doctors said that they had never seen. The Medical team prepared Jesse and Shannon for the probability of a miscariage. Baby Claire then made it to 22 weeks and the doctors shifted to preparing them for the likelihood of still birth. People all over where praying for this sweet girl, and those prayers where answered in the best way when Baby Claire arrived at 31 weeks and 3 days. She spent 4 weeks in the NICU and has shocked doctors. We know though, that she has not shocked our BIG GOD, he most definately has big plans for this precious baby Claire, a little miracle!

Baby Claire a little Miracle
Baby Claire a little Miracle
Baby Claire a little Miracle

I can’t even with these boys! I look at these pictures and can’t help but laugh. If you could have seen what went into attempting to get 1 good shot of the three of them together, you would be laughing too. Oh the joys of these ages!

Baby Claire a little Miracle

Aunt Erin Mary comes along to all of their sessions to help get these boys smiling, such fun happens at these sessions. People probably think we are crazy as the walk by or see us from a distance. SO MUCH FUN!

Jesse and Shannon were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary on the day of our session!!! Congratulations you too, what a wonderful, full, crazy 6 years you have had!!!

Baby Claire a little Miracle

I love all the little baby details!

Baby Claire a little Miracle

Well then, I guess she was getting tired of pictures!

Baby Claire a little Miracle
Baby Claire a little Miracle

Isn’t Baby Claire a little Miracle?

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