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Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

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April 20, 2021

I’m sure you’ve seen these comments before in a Facebook group that you are in or a conversation you have had with someone questioning why they should even hire a professional photographer when they could just take the photos themselves for cheaper. In this day and age, your camera phone is getting better and better and professional cameras are becoming more affordable. But there are so many other aspects that go into being a professional photographer than just the camera gear! So I wanted to share with you a few of the top reasons that you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your next photo session needs!

Why - Professional Editing
Check out this session HERE


A professional photographer works with more than just a “nice camera” – they are working with professional-grade equipment and have the knowledge of how to properly use it. Yes, it’s true that you can get a fairly nice DSLR camera these days for an affordable price, but a professional photographer will also have an extensive set of various lenses, flashes, multiple memory cards, a camera bag, shoulder straps and many times will even have multiple cameras strapped to them ready-to-go with different lenses during your shoot. Ultimately, it’s not just about the right equipment, it’s about the person behind the camera – their artistry and vision and their ability to draw out the most stunning images of you and make you look your absolute best.


A professional photographer is also doing more than just pushing that button. When you work with a professional photographer, you are also getting all of their education and experience during your session! Your photographer will not just be working with the automatic camera settings – they have spent a lot of time and energy in quality education, taking courses on lighting and posing and location, studying how to use their camera and edit the images after your session.


When you hire a professional photographer, you are working with someone that has experience! They take photos for a living and do this on a regular basis, so they have a particular eye for what is best and how to properly position the clients that will be the most flattering and will compliment the light or the environment around them based on that location. Your professional photographer will have a specific style that they have developed over the course of their experience and you will see that reflected in your edited photos!


Speaking of editing… there is so much more that goes into those beautiful photos than just the time that it takes to snap the photos during your session! There will often be several hours of editing that occurs after your session is done. When you work with a professional photographer, you are also ensuring that your photos will be edited with specific software that is designed just for professional photos and they will know how to utilize that software to fit their specific styling of images and bring out the best in your photos!

EDITING: Before & After – See this session HERE
EDITING: Before & After

While there are dozens of other reasons that you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your next photo session, ultimately it should really come down to finding someone who has a passion for photography! I promise you that this will show in the photos that they produce!


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